November 27th, 2022 ChildROC 52nd Online Bilingual Storytime

by Caroline

《我有一盏小灯笼》讲的是,有一个小女孩子在黑暗里和几个小动物去学校。她拿着一个盏小灯笼,战胜了黑 暗。

There is a little girl walking in the dark with some animals to go to school. She holds a lantern to defeat the darkness.

《Hello kitty/感恩的一天》讲的是 Hello kitty的老师让她写一篇关于感恩的作文。 她想了很多主意,最后Hello Kitty 决定感谢家人和朋友们,因为他们让她的每一天过得都很特别。

Hello Kitty’s teacher assigned an essay to write about what she is thankful for. After thinking through many ideas, Hello Kitty writes about her family and friends and how they make every day special.