NOTICE: ChildROC has resumed online storytime via Zoom Meeting, please see schedule of latest online storytime below:

 DateWhat? PresenterTheme 
 7/12/20ChildROC 9th online storytime 
(to be announced)
6/28/20ChildROC 8th online storytime
(to be announced)
 Cindy TBD
6/14/20ChildROC 7th online storytime 
(to be announced)
 Shine/JasonBig bad wolf 
 5/31/20ChildROC 6th online storytime
Zao Lei  Pets
 5/24/20ChildROC 5th online storytime 

Xiao Wang  Eating/Growing
 5/17/20ChildROC 4th online storytime 

 5/10/20ChildROC 3rd online storytime

 5/3/20ChildROC 2nd online storytimeCindy Animals/Habitat 
 4/19/20 ChildROC 1st online storytime


All following scheduled in-person storytime have been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience!
ChildROC Event Schedule for Spring 2020
Brighton Library, Sunday 2pm, twice a month
for all age group
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 37th story time, Jan. 12, by Zao
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 38th story time, Jan. 19, by Michelle
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 39th story time, March. 8, by Qinqin 
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 40th story time, March. 22, by Yixuan
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 41th story time, April. 19, by Jing
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 42th story time, April. 26, by Katherine
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 43th story time, May. 10, by Erqian
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 44th story time, May. 31, by Chen
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 45th story time, June. 21, by Yunping
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 46th story time, June. 28, by Xiao
Henrietta Library, Saturday 10:15am, once a month
for younger kids, 0-3 years old
  • ChildROC Henrietta Library 5th story time,  Jan. 4, by Shanshan
  • ChildROC Henrietta Library 6th story time, Feb. 15, by Ying Lu
  • ChildROC Henrietta Library 7th story time,  March. 28, by Xiao
  • ChildROC Henrietta Library 8th story time,  April. 11, by Zifu
  • ChildROC Henrietta Library 9th story time,  May. 2, by Michelle

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