NOTICE 9/5/2020:

ChildROC has resumed collaboration with the libraries to deliver two bilingual storytime per month in Fall 2020

Check the storytime schedule below

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Fall 2020 Online

The popular ChildROC bilingual storytime returns

Note: these are online storytime ONLY, check gallery on the day of storytime, or check the local libraries' website for updates

9/13/20, ChildROC 13th online storytime, Ms. Zao

9/27/20, ChildROC 14th online storytime, Ms. Xiao

10/11/20, ChildROC 15th online storytime, Ms. Jing

10/18/20, ChildROC 16th online storytime, Ms. Katherine

11/1/20, ChildROC 17th online storytime, Ms. Shine & Jason

11/15/20, ChildROC 18th online storytime, Ms. Chenchen

12/6/20, ChildROC 19th online storytime, Music for Love

12/13/20, ChildROC 20th online storytime, Ms. Jia You

Our Spring 2020 storytime at both Brighton and Henrietta Libraries have been largely disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and all sessions with strikethrough below have been cancelled! We apologize for the inconvenience!

Spring 2020, BML

Brighton Library, Sunday 2pm, twice a month, for all age group

  • ChildROC Brighton Library 37th story time, 1/12/20, by Zao
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 38th story time, 1/19/20, by Michelle
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 39th story time, 3/8/20, by Qinqin
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 40th story time, 3/22/20, by Yixuan
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 41th story time, 4/19/20, by Jing
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 42th story time, 4/26/20, by Katherine
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 43th story time, 5/10/20, by Erqian
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 44th story time, 5/31/20, by Chen
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 45th story time, 6/21/20, by Yunping
  • ChildROC Brighton Library 46th story time, 6/28/20, by Xiao

Spring 2020, Henrietta

Henrietta Library, Saturday 10:15am, once a month, for 0-3 years old

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