December 21st, 2021 ChildROC 40th Online Storytime

Exploring World Series - U.K.


By Katherine and Isabel


Katherine, A liberal arts mother, who likes to read books since she was a child, is committed to cultivating her daughter to be a "little bookworm". She hopes to share her good books list with all the children who love to read.


Isabel,six years old, likes reading, drawing, rock climbing, cello, and piano. She insists that she is studying at Hogwart's night school in Scotland and the sorting hat assigned her to Ravenclas college.

绘本 1: 伦敦漫步

Book 1: A Walk in London

绘本 2: 女王的手提包

Book 2: The Queen’s handbag


Handy Project: Coloring the Tudor Rose

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