December 5th, 2021 ChildROC 39th Online Storytime

Profound Chinese Character


By Tristan Zhang


Tristan Zhang, who is a huge fan of the Titanic, is here on a warm and sunny winter day to share with everyone the ancient, beautiful, and refined Chinese poems and stories. He will read ancient poems and couplets, appreciate the interesting use of Chinese characters, and briefly demonstrate the traditional Chinese calligraphy. Enjoy!


Book 1: Jia Dao Seeks the Best Word


The poet Jia Dao, of the Tang Dynasty, worked on a new poem on the way to visit his friend, and his words were exquisite. While thinking about it, he accidentally bumped into Han Yu's carriage. After explaining the situation, they discuss together and came out with this famous poem which is still widely read even after an entire millennium.


Book 2: Su Shi Corrects His Couplet at the Door


Su Shi, a famous poet from the Song Dynasty, was very smart when he was young. He wrote an immoral couplet. After an old man's correction, he cleverly rewrote the couplet and changed his attitude towards learning.

视频:张天恩书写福字 Video: Tristan Zhang writes the word "Fu" or “Fortune”