Feb 27th, 2022 ChildROC 44th Online Storytime

Around World Series - Russia俄罗斯🇷🇺

by Ms. Chenchen and Ethan


Today, we will explore some adventures in Russia. Russia or Russian Federation is a country spanning Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. It is one of the largest countries in the world with a total population of 144 million. The story that we are about to share happened in Russia, it talks about a little girl named Masha. She got lost in a forest. A big bear brought Masha back to his own cave. In the cave, the big bear did not allow Masha to go to her own home. Instead, the Bear asked Masha to clean, cook and bake all kinds of desserts for him. Masha missed her family a lot, and she was clear to ask the bear to take her home. Let’s explore this adventure together.

Ethan 小朋友,是一个5岁的阳光小男孩。他喜欢看书,喜欢听故事,喜欢唱歌,喜欢用磁力片搭各种各样的模型。

Today, Ethan, a 5-yr old little boy who loves crafts and building blocks, will guide us to explore Masha’s adventure.