Feb 21, 2021, ChildROC 24th online storytime, Lantern Festival, by Polydott

Polydott is the only educational media platform in North America that combines professional film and TV production, Chinese and English bilingual content with Eastern and Western cultural perspectives, and the creative K12 education philosophy. We produce all types of content related to Asian and China culture and languages in Mandarin or English.

The bilingual story show Morning Stories on the Table and bilingual film show Polydott Cinema developed and produced by Polydott has been rated as the the favorite bilingual content by kids and their families in both China and US, and the story show Morning Stories on the Table has been featured on many library websites as the best virtual resources for children of different ages.

Polydott has established collaborations with 7 largest libraries around Silicon Valley (San Francisco and Bay Area) and co- hosted many online and offline events with various schools, libraries and educational organizations. We have also been invited by multiple top-tier education companies for research and development of courses and content.