RCS 17th story time, December 16, by Katherine

Live a more than desultory life, open arms to poems and distant lands!

Today, poems and music will be with us!

Our presenter for this story time is Katherine.

Spring Morning

Tang, Meng Haoran

This mornig of spring in bed I'm lying,

Not to awake till birds are crying.

After one night of wind and showers,

How many are the fallen flowers!







The Lakeside Temple at Dawn

Song, Yang Wanli

The uncommon West Lake in the midst of sixth moon

Displays a scenery to other months unknown.

Green lotus leaves outspread as far as boundless sky;

Pink lotus blossoms take from sunshine a new dye

Tour on a Mountain

Tang, Du Mu

The stone-paved path zigzags up to the cliff in the distance

Households were seen where wafted some white clouds

I stopped the coach as charmed by the maple woods

Frosted autumn leaves outshine February flowers in redness

A River Scene in Snow

Tang, Liu Zongyuan

From hill to hill no bird in flight

From path to path no man in sight

A lonely fisherman afloat

Is fishing snow in lonely boat.

Chinese song : Spring Summer Fall

English song: Jingle Bells

Handwork: Paper cutting

Time: 2pm

Direction: Brighton Memorial Library