Jan 16th, 2022 ChildROC 41st Online Storytime

Exploring World Series - Mexico


by Ms. Che, Lanlan, and Tiantian


Lanlan loves drawing and storytelling. In this session, she is going to share with you one of her favorite stories, titled The Princess and the Warrior. This is not your common princess and warrior cliché, but a legend from the ancient Aztec time.


Tiantian loves Mathematics, Rubik’s cubes, and Minecraft. He is going to tell the story Off We Go to Mexico, which will take us to amazing Mexico. He also takes this opportunity to practice his newly acquired Spanish words. His goal is to turn our bilingual into trilingual storytime in this session.

Ms. Che:是两宝妈也是教育工作者。这次借着童言看世界,和孩子们一起在家里神游了一把墨西哥。让我们开启我们奔向阳光的旅行吧!

Ms. Che is a mother of two kids as well as an educator. She also follows the series of ChildROC Sees the World and travels to Mexico with her kids through the books while staying at home. Let’s start our adventure to the Sun!


Mexico, a country in the Sun, with volcanoes of the princess and the warrior, here we come!

Part 1: 绘本: The Princess and the Warrior 公主与勇士

Part 2: 绘本: Off We Go to Mexico! 我们去墨西哥吧!

Part 3: Learn how to say numbers in English, Chinese, and Spanish. 用英文、中文和西班牙语读数字!