RCS 10th story time, September 16, by Shine

A taste of the moon

Crescent, half circle, gibbous, and full. What stories about moon do you know? Bunny basket, round and cute. Come and join us, we’ll see you soon!

What is the taste of the moon? Is it sweet? Is it salty? Will the moon fall off the sky? What is mid-autumn day? Why is it also called the moon festival? What will people do to celebrate it? Come and find out the answers together in these stories...

Our presenter for this story time is Shine.

Hi, this is Yunping, a mother of two wonderful kids. It is so delightful to learn and explore the world together with my son who is sharp-witted and my daughter who doesn’t want to sleep at night. We all enjoy reading stories written in Chinese, and I wish they could be immersed in and nurtured by Chinese Culture throughout their life.



Direction: Learning Center at Brighton Memorial Library

2300 Elmwood Ave, Rochester, NY 14618