October 16th, 2022 ChildROC 51st Online Bilingual Storytime, The Lost Treasure


by Xiao Jing Cong

是谁创造了时间?是谁分开了陆地与洋海、光明与黑暗?地球上的第一个人类是如何生活的?为什么今年被称为公元2022年?…… 这些问题的答案都可以在一本神奇的书中找到,它被翻译成700种语言,在全球印刷超过50亿册。

Who created the beginning of time? Who separated the land from the sea, and darkness from light? How did the very first human live on earth? And why is this year called 2022 A.D.? … From one book, you will find answers to all these questions above. This book has been translated into over 700 languages and printed 5 billion copies worldwide, making it the most reproduced book in the world.