August 15th, 2021 ChildROC 33rd online storytime

Love By Anna


By Anna, six years old, who loved to tell stories to one-year-old sister.

绘本1: 在眼角处亲吻的眼睛 eyes that kiss in the corners


Story 1: Eyes that Kissed in the Corners

Eyes that kissed in the Corners, glow like warm tea. My eyes are very pretty, as well as everyone in my family.

绘本2:我梦见婆婆了 I dream of Popo


Story 2: I dream of Popo.

I didn't see my grandma for a long time. Our thoughts will travel across the ocean, our heart will be able to pass on our love.

手工: 开学后就要过grandparents day了,趁暑假没结束,我们给爷爷奶奶姥姥姥爷做张问候卡片吧

Handy project: Grandparents day is coming up soon after school starts. Before the summer vacation is over, let’s make a greeting card for grandparents.