September19th, 2021 ChildROC 34th online storytime

New School Year

By Zao and Eunice


Zao tells and shares stories with her kiddo to audiences daily. Eunice is a Pre-K little "big kid".

绘本1: 索菲的西葫芦去上学

Eunice小时候会带着她的毯毯和羊羊去上学,现在长大了,不再带这些去学校了。故事中的Sophie带着西葫芦去上学,这也是个好选择。你有什么要带 着一起去学校享受学习的快乐的“小伙伴”吗?

Book 1: Sophie’s Squash Go to School

Eunice used to bring her blanky and lamby to school. now she is older. she no longer brings them to school anymore. Sophie brings her Squash to school in the story. that is also a good choice. What would you bring to school to share your happiness with?



Song: Village Chant

绘本2: 妈, 今天是我第一天上幼儿园


Book 2: Mom It’s My First Day of Kindergarten

Eunice is very nervous when she stepped into the Pre-K classroom. How did the kid in the story feel about the first day of Kindergarten?